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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Using PLR Articles as Website Content

Using PLR Articles as Website Content
All the search engines deploy spiders to discover quality content (not duplication) and when they find a site that contains said content they index it. This is what you want to happen with your website, once it gets indexed and starts to get high traffic numbers your site is going to show up in search engine results. But what if you are not a writer or don’t have time to write all the content you need to make your website better?
The answer to this question is PLR articles (Private Label Rights). These are articles you can purchase from writers that can be modified or changed to suit your needs. The topics available are too numerous to mention – the world of PLR articles covers any topic you can imagine and from multiple angles.
Most packs of PLR articles are sold in multiples of the same topic, find one available that makes sense to post on your website – about your product or services or something your customers would be interested in. For instance, if you sold special albums to stamp collectors you might want to find PLR articles on the subject of stamp collecting. When a stamp collector started typing in key words into a search engine, the goal would be for the PLR articles you have posted to your site to come up in the results. Once a visitor clicks through to your site, they will see the stamp albums you have for sale.
Rewrite the articles as often as you like making certain that the message is still clear and the content is still considered high-quality to the search engine spiders. Don’t be tempted to change a few words and post the same article to your site multiple times. This will not help you. You want unique content; duplication can have the opposite affect on your index rating and website page ranks. Don’t stop adding new PLR articles either, keep a look out for more PLR articles that fit your niche market – they are a small investment that can reap large traffic rewards. The more people you can drive to your website, the better chance you have of selling your products and services.

Using PLR Articles as Website Content

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Monday, May 17, 2010

$106k In 29 days

Affiliate marketing is on the move. More people turning to affiliate marketing rather developement of their own product.

Michael Jones releases his new affiliate marketing system that is
dominating clickbank, The Cash Code.

Michael shows how he made 106,000 in 29 days with his system.
He claims he did it with no list, and without spending a fortune on traffic, or media buying

It's frustrating, isn't it? The marketing world, I mean.
Everytime you think you found THE thing that's going to get you on the right track, it turns out to be a waste of time.
How many times have you been reading through some ebook, or watching a video, and everything seems great, but then there's just one thing that ruins it?

Truth to the matter is that Google has all of the tools to research to find
niche markets that are just waiting for bloggers, website builders, and affiliate marketers to discover.

Michael claims that the different about The Cash Code. It's aimed squarely at people who've struggled with everything else. People without the knowledge to be a super affiliate, people without huge lists (or any list at all)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Basic Candle Making

Candle Making Basics

The use of candles for light and heat is known to have existed in ancient times. The remains of candles have been found in the caves of France. It is believed that cavemen used them while painting and etching on the walls. It is believed those candles where made out of animal fat. The Egyptians used candles as well by dripping beeswax onto leave stems. The burning process of a candle involves the four basic elements of matter which are solids, liquids, gas, and plasma.

Today candle making is a fun hobby or craft. For some, it is a very profitable business venture. Candle making provides you with they ability to create wonderful designs and crafts out of your candles. There is no limit to the shapes, sizes, and colors you can make your candles in. A candle is a device to provide light or fragrance. Candles have become very popular for the wonderful aromas more than for their ability to produce light. Some candles give off a popular smell such as vanilla or jasmine. Others smell like a chocolate cake or cinnamon rolls.

The body of a candle is generally made of paraffin wax. It can also be made out of beeswax. Paraffin wax is a natural wax that comes from plants. This wax can be purchased from Petroleum Refinery or the Specialty Wax Processor. Beeswax is also considered a natural wax, and is taken from honeybees. This is the substance the bees use to construct their honeycombs. A wick is placed in the center of the wax before it dries. The wick is made of cotton fibers that have been braided together. The wick is very thin, but also very powerful. Sometimes candle makers will use a wick that is wider than normal to increase the size of the flame.

Safety is a very important part of candle making. The temperature of the hot wax can result in severe burns. There is also the risk of fire. Make sure your candle making area is set up properly and that you have a fire extinguisher in the area. Clean up spills quickly as they will become very slick, leading to falls if you walk across them.

To make candle making fun instead of frustrating, start will making simple candles. This is a great opportunity for you to discover what works well with your set up and gives you the chance to make necessary changes. Initially, work at implementing good safety habits and melting your wax at the proper temperatures. You will also want to experiment with your cooling process. Once you have these areas down, you will start to relax and the process will become more natural to you. This is the right time to start experimenting with dyes, scents, and shapes for your candles.

The candle making process is easy to follow if you take your time and learn from your mistakes. Those who are impatient and take multitasking to an extreme will most likely not enjoy the art of candle making. However, it is very enjoyable by those who have plenty of time to take with the process and who enjoy creating things. Candle making supplies aren’t expensive so use the best you can. This will also help ensure your candles form well and burn properly.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learn How to make candles and profit from it.

Books on Candle Making
Making your own candles is a fun hobby for many individuals. They find the process to be enjoyable and relaxing.
Candle makers have been know to turn to their hobby in times of stress. For some candle makers, once they learn the basics they are ready for new challenges. Purchasing books on candle making can provide you with everything from basic instructions, tips, and creative ideas to make beautiful candles. Most candle making books offer wonderful illustrations as well as step by step instructions.
The type of book you want to purchase will depend on your candle making experience, the types of candles you are interested in making, and if you are making candles for fun or to sell. Take the time to explore what each book has to offer you before making a purchase so that you won’t be disappointed. You might also check with your local library for books on candle making. If you find one there you really like then you have the option to purchase it. You can also find great discounts on used candle making books online at Ebay and Yahoo Auctions.
“The Candle Maker’s Companion” by Betty Oppenheimer and Deborah Balmuth is considered to be the “must have” candle making book. It offers information for everyone including beginners and advanced. Another great choice is “The Encyclopedia of Candle Making Techniques”. This book has gotten rave reviews for providing quality information in an easy to understand form.
For those of you who have a solid foundation of basic candle making processes, consider trying “The Complete Candle Maker Techniques, Projects, and Inspirations”. The book offers great photos of forty different candles you can make. There are step by step instructions to help you make any of them that interest you. This book includes great tips and points as well to help candle makers avoid the common mistakes that affect the results of their candles.
For those of you who enjoy making candles for special occasions and holidays, the book “Creative Candles: Over 40 Inspiring Projects for Making and Decorating Candles for Every Occasion” by Sue Spear is a great book to consider for your collection. This book features candle making ideas for Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. There are also ideas for creating candles to use as center pieces and for wedding decorations.
If you are interested in doing candle making with your children, “Great Candles” is especially designed with fun candles that are easy to do with them. The book is also written in a way that children will be interested in reading it as well. The internet is a great resource to find other great candle making books to meet your expectations.
Candle making is a great pastime. You can educate yourself on the areas of candle making by exploring various books. There are books designed for all candle making levels of expertise as well as on particular themes of candles and types of candles. The market is flooded with resources in the area of candle making, so the process of tracking down a few good books on the subject should be easy as well as fairly inexpensive. Remember to check the library, local book sales, and yard sales for these books as well. Compare prices online to make sure you get the best price for the ones you are interested in.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Social networks, affiliate marketing, Twitter, email providers, mlm, Viral marketing

Do you know the one thing social networks, affiliate marketing, Twitter, email providers, MLM, known-buyer-list-building and viral marketing have in common?

Craig Haywood's latest creation fuses all of the above together in such harmony that I can't help feeling like the luckiest person alive to have stumbled upon his site.
Look at the website here

The site slogan actually reads: No Skills Required

5 Star reviews are coming in non stop

Craig Haywood has been nominated for the nobel prize (okay kidding:-)), but you get the idea. Anyway, I would love to hear your comments on it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Free tools for the internet marketer

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

you do, Don't Join!!

Well, at
least not until you have read this review. My heading was
not some ploy to get you to find out what is wrong with Rather, it was meant to get your
attention because there are a few things I want you to know
before you join.

Okay, so
what is

To be
totally honest, I cannot fault it any way whatsoever and if
you continue reading you will soon find out why...

The concept
behind is really very simply. It
was developed by Craig Haywood (or the blue guy) who is also
the owner of highly successful sites like,, and

From the
above sites you can probably deduct that Craig focuses
heavily on Viral Marketing which is good when you consider
what he's done with

A quick
summary of the IPP homepage reveals that IPP is a resell
rights product website which integrates with mlm through
viral marketing, but that doesn't even begin to lift the
layers of nice goodies. In Fact, Jane Mark from describes it better...

know. It's resale rights gone MLM and viral but that doesn't tell half the story. People who
have no idea how to sell resale products
have it made.

You set it for them You give them
autoresponder sales letters and new,
jazzy sales pages to work with. You give
them all the viral tools to sell the
products and they sit back and relax.

They don't have to do a thing. I love

They can even let people know by twitter
that they have a new product for sale
right from the members area by just
popping in their twitter information.

Here is
how it works...

member of IPP get a product store where all products in the
store (supplied by Craig) is linked to your own domain name.
(which you create free when you join)

Every month
Craig ads 3 new products to the store, does the ad copy for
you, integrate an auto responder follow-up series for you
(which he hosts on your behalf). He also ties viral
marketing to every product to ensure your visitors
multiplies your selling efforts as well as social network
marketing through the means of Twitter Tweets. Btw., if you
join IPP Craig also helps you to virally grow your Twitter

Now, this
is where it gets interesting. This is the first and only
program I know of you can make a substantial income from
without even paying a dime (although the pro benefits are
exceptional...more on that later).

As a free
member you will get 50% commission for any product sold from
your store. The member who referred you will also get $2 for
every product you sell, as will the member who referred
them. Going pro makes this even more lucrative.

Every time
you sell a product to someone, they will also get an option
to join IPP (under you), so this makes it easy to get in
more people underneath you, however, Craig has gone the full
9 yards to ensure getting signups is as easy as possible, by
also providing you with a tracker that virally promotes
itself (in other words, affiliate links you advertise) as
well as your IPP products at the same time.

At the same
time, you will also have access to all the information of
people who buy from your store, which means you can import
leads into your auto responder of known buyers.


I am not
going to tell you the price to be a pro member as this
violates Craig's terms of service. What I can tell you is
that is that it is so low I thought it was a joke, but on a
more serious note, it gives you the opportunity to rake in a
small fortune every month.

As a pro
member you will also earn 100% on all products in your store
paid directly to your PayPal account. If you don't have
PayPal, Craig also provides you with another option that is
globally accepted.

which made me realise Craig thought of everything is the pro
member affiliate benefit. Since you get 100% profit on
products in your store, it is only fitting that you should
be able to get affiliates to promote your products for you.

As a pro
member, each product in your store is set up with your own
affiliate program which pays out 50% to your affiliates and
50% to you. All of this is handled without you having to do
anything. The system even recruits affiliates for you.


The system is a rare gem. It is a full stay
at home program where no skills are required from you.
Everything, and I mean everything is done on your behalf.

I know you
have probably heard the term: "You've
never seen anything like this.
" a thousand times
before, but this time it is true.

This is one
program I am giving a rating of 12 out of 10.

Hint: When
you log in for the first time, you will be presented with a
one time offer to go pro. While you can still upgrade later
at a price which is still a joke, I highly recommend you do
it when you are presented with the oto as it is the lowest
you will ever get it at.