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Monday, May 17, 2010

$106k In 29 days

Affiliate marketing is on the move. More people turning to affiliate marketing rather developement of their own product.

Michael Jones releases his new affiliate marketing system that is
dominating clickbank, The Cash Code.

Michael shows how he made 106,000 in 29 days with his system.
He claims he did it with no list, and without spending a fortune on traffic, or media buying

It's frustrating, isn't it? The marketing world, I mean.
Everytime you think you found THE thing that's going to get you on the right track, it turns out to be a waste of time.
How many times have you been reading through some ebook, or watching a video, and everything seems great, but then there's just one thing that ruins it?

Truth to the matter is that Google has all of the tools to research to find
niche markets that are just waiting for bloggers, website builders, and affiliate marketers to discover.

Michael claims that the different about The Cash Code. It's aimed squarely at people who've struggled with everything else. People without the knowledge to be a super affiliate, people without huge lists (or any list at all)